Years before the product was devised people had automotive batteries with its terminals exposed. This resulted in the terminal becoming ineffective with increase in certain deposits on it. Later when some bright mind devised cover for it the sales for these zoomed over the years. Today the need for qualityBattery Terminal Cap Manufacturer is almost universal. In India, SMJ Venture of Kolkata is ranked as one of the foremost Battery Terminal Cap Manufacturer. These caps can be seen in a large range of batteries such as Industrial, Traction, Automotive etc. Under normal usage there is always th
Researchers at IIT Kharagpur in West Bengal have developed a new statistical model which can be used to predict variability and trends in rainfall over different climate regions of India. The model is developed by researchers of the Center for Oceans, Rivers, Atmosphere and Land Sciences (CORAL).
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An interview will tell you the thick and thin of an entrepreneur's journey. The Indian Entrepreneurs Interview will give you plenty of knowledge about the same.
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